Landscape Paintings


“Natural Bridges Park”, 4″x6″, Mixed Media, $120


“Off of Foothill Road”, 20″x28″, Oil on Canvas, $600 @Jerry Rice Kids Jersey Framed

Chihismahoo Road“Rincon Valley”, 48″x60″, Oil on canvas-Private Collection

Near San Luis Obispo Photoshop

“Barn East of Luis Obispo”,22″x42″,  Oil on canvas, Private collection

Near Shalom

“Near Sholame”,  Oil on canvas, Private collection

hills west of shandon smaller@Reuben Foster Jersey font-size: 14px; line-height: 21px;”>                                    “Hills West of Shandon”, 12″x18″,Oil on canvas, $1200 Framed


“San Miguel”, 36″x48″, Oil on canvas, Private collection

shandon dunes 22"X30" 235dpi

“Shandon Dunes”, 22″x30″, Acrylic on paper, Private collection

Beside Highway 46“Beside Highway 41″, 18″x 30″, Oil on canvas, private collection


 ”San Miguel Looking East”,  12″ x 24″, Oil on canvas, $1200 Framed 

“Shandon Dunes II”, 22″ x 30″,  Acrylic on paper, Private Collection

“Trees Before Shandon Hills”, 20″x36″, Oil on canvas, $1200 Framed

“Canyon Camp Roberts”, 34″x42″, @Reuben Foster Authentic Jersey Oil on Canvas, $2000 Framed

“Lines and Folds”, 28″x42″, Acrylic on canvas,Private collection

“Phone Pole/San Miguel”, 30″x48″,  Oil on canvas, $2000 Framed

Two Trees Sholam
“Two Trees Sholame”, 22″ x 30″, Acrylic on paper, $450
“Rincon Valley II”, 12″x20″,  Oil on Canvas, $450 Framed
Two Hills, Seven Bushes, Acrylic, 15"x16", $350“Two Hills, Seven Bushes”, 15″x16″, Acrylic, $350 Framed

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