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By Diana Cooper

The yr 2012 is anticipated to be auspicious based on historical prophecies, relatively from the point of view of religious development, and this handbook puts those forecasts and the vaunted finish of the area into perspective with interpretations from angelic geographical regions. With info on what will occur on a continent-by-continent foundation, readers will know about the impression at the 2012 Olympics, the hole of cosmic portals, how person lives in addition to groups could be altered within the time following this momentous 12 months, and forecasts for the 12 months 2032—when the recent Golden Age of Atlantis is expounded to come back into being. useful information to aid humans in getting ready for his or her function during this tremendous transformational shift is additionally integrated.

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Instead goods will be exchanged locally. 63 2 0 1 2 and beyond ~ Big Businesses ~ These are the dinosaurs of our time. As the ethos of finance and business change, the huge businesses will continue to collapse. The companies that were household names will be memories by 2032. All companies that exploit people, animals or the land will disappear. Big supermarkets will be a thing of the past. Only those companies that accommodate the changing frequency of the planet and operate for the highest good of all will survive, although in a very different form from that of their current modus operandi.

However, nothing happens by chance, and redundancy or unemployment is a wake-up call for all those affected, prompting them to seek a living, which aligns to their soul and brings them satisfaction. Those who raise their frequency and attune to the higher energies available will find their soul work, which will automatically come to them under the Law of Attraction. By 2032 the majority who live in fifth-dimensional communities will occupy themselves in a way, which honours and respects their gifts and talents.

46 C hapter 8 The Crystal Skulls in 2012 i I n G ol den At l antis twelve crystal skulls, one for each of the tribes, were fashioned using the sort of spiritual technology that will eventually return to us. Each came from a solid piece of quartz and was created by the use of mind control and thought power; a technique that at the moment is not accessible to our currently untrained and only fractionally used minds. The skulls were the size of our human one and had a jaw that moved. Within the crystal was an extraordinary network of prisms and lenses, which lit up the face and eyes.

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