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T. 77). 21 “Govt considering more strokes of rotan for shorter jail term”, The Sun, 13 May 2005. Amnesty International December 2010 Index: ASA 28/013/2010 54 A Blow to Humanity: Torture by Judicial Caning in Malaysia 22 Drug Dependent (Treatment and Rehabilitation) Act 1983, section 19. 23 See Amnesty International, Trapped, March 2010 (Supra No 4). 24 For a related case, see V. Anbalagan, “Cane My Client and Set Him Free, Lawyer Tells Prison,” New Straits Times, 28 April 2007. 25 Prisons Regulations 2000, Regulation 132: Carrying out of punishment.

Nik Hazan, a 27-year-old Malaysian who received two strokes. As Nik Hazan underscores, the pain is not singular type, but a combination of different kinds of pain. Hre Ki, a 20-year-old Burmese refugee, explained this combination of pain he endured: “It was like being burned, and being cut with a knife,” he said. An intense burning pain was another effect consistently reported by victims. “When I was hit, the rotan felt like a hot piece of metal,” said Hussain, a 26-year-old Malaysian caned in 2006.

Most of us felt terribly sad afterwards. ” said Zung Sang, a Burmese refugee. “The most painful thing is in my heart, that hurts even more than the wound now,” said Hau Neel, a 47-year-old Burmese refugee who was caned in 2007. Some victims told Amnesty International that the psychological pain they suffered was as great as the physical pain. While the physical wounds inflicted by caning eventually heal, psychological pain persists in memory. The procedure of caning puts the victim into a state of utter helplessness and powerlessness.

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