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By Tobias Klein

Possible easy insects could have drastic results, permitting attackers to compromise platforms, increase neighborhood privileges, and in a different way wreak havoc on a system.A malicious program Hunter's Diary follows protection professional Tobias Klein as he tracks down and exploits insects in many of the world's preferred software program, like Apple's iOS, the VLC media participant, net browsers, or even the Mac OS X kernel. during this one of a kind account, you'll see how the builders accountable for those flaws patched the bugs—or did not reply in any respect. As you persist with Klein on his trip, you'll achieve deep technical wisdom and perception into how hackers method tricky difficulties and event the real joys (and frustrations) of malicious program hunting.

Along the way in which you'll find out how to:
• Use field-tested recommendations to discover insects, like choosing and tracing consumer enter facts and opposite engineering
• make the most vulnerabilities like NULL pointer dereferences, buffer overflows, and sort conversion flaws
• advance facts of thought code that verifies the safety flaw
• file insects to proprietors or 3rd celebration brokers

A computer virus Hunter's Diary is choked with real-world examples of susceptible code and the customized courses used to discover and attempt insects. even if you're searching insects for enjoyable, for revenue, or to make the realm a more secure position, you'll examine helpful new talents by way of having a look over the shoulder of a pro malicious program hunter in action.

"This is likely one of the best infosec books to return out within the final numerous years."
Dino Dai Zovi, info protection Professional

"Give a guy an make the most and also you make him a hacker for an afternoon; train a guy to take advantage of insects and also you make him a hacker for a lifetime."
Felix 'FX' Lindner

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Qxd 22 6/27/02 3:26 PM Page 22 Chapter 1 • The Zen of Hack Proofing Summary If you can understand why an attacker does what he does, you have a better chance of anticipating his goals. By anticipating his goals, you can make a guess at to where he will attack, and be there first. A hacker is someone who has achieved some level of expertise with a computer. Usually, this expertise allows this person to come up with creative solutions to problems that most people won’t think of, especially with respect to information security issues.

Attackers can use this type of denial of service to crash systems, such as when a disk layout hasn’t been designed with user and log partitions on a separate slice. They can also use it to obscure activities of a user by generating a large amount of events that are logged to via syslog, filling the partition on which logs are stored and making it impossible for syslog to log any further activity. Such an attack is trivial to launch. A local user can simply perform the following command: cat /dev/zero > ~/maliciousfile This command will concatenate data from the /dev/zero device file (which simply generates zeros) into maliciousfile, continuing until either the user stops the process, or the capacity of the partition is filled.

Notes from the Underground… Hacking Mindset If you’re an IT professional charged with protecting the security of your systems, and you’re reading this book, then you’ve probably decided to take a “hacker approach” to security. Relevant to this chapter, you may be thinking that you have no plans to make any lifestyle changes to conform to any of the hacker types presented here. That’s fine. You may be worried or slightly insulted that we’ve placed you in some lesser category of hacker. Don’t be.

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