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47 Ships (cf. ). 48 FUNCTIONAL ONOMATOLOGY Another exception to the general rule, found in higher style, is the endowment of nouns with the gender appropriate to the respective nouns in Latin. Thus the sun is sometimes referred to as he (cf. sol in Latin, le soleil in French), the moon in turn as she (according to luna, la lune). The names of mountains and rivers are often referred to as he (cf. mons, fluvius) in some cases, however, in accordance with Latin names rivers are personified as women).

E. a close, fixed combination. The two formations differ in that a free combination of a noun with an adjective is usually characterized by the level stress (i. e. both words are stressed with equal force), whereas a collocation of a noun with an adjective displays only one stress on the first component; it is this stress which unites the two parts into one whole. Compare also a 'walking-stick "a stick for walking" with one (synthetic) stress and a 'walking 'stick with two stresses (analytical stress) "a stick that walks" (cf.

Frequently both the original noun and its adjectivized form exist side by side: choice ('the act of choosing' and 'of first quality or carefully chosen': e. g. the choicest fruit). T h e transition of a n o u n into a n a d j e c t i v e is not u n k n o w n e v e n in t h e history of E n g l i s h . It is a t t e s t e d , for e x a m p l e , b y t h e O E n o u n ceap 'purchase', w h i c h passed into the adjective cheap. (The s e m a n t i c d e v e l o p m e n t proceeded through t h e interm e d i a t e stage ' a d v a n t a g e o u s purchase, bargain', cf.

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