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By Padmasambhava & Jamgon Mipham

A Garland of perspectives provides either a concise statement through the eighth-century Indian Buddhist grasp Padmasambhava on a bankruptcy from the Guhyagarbha Tantra at the various Buddhist and non-Buddhist philosophical perspectives, together with the good Perfection (Dzogchen), and an explicative statement on Padmasambhava’s textual content via the nineteenth-century student Jamgön Mipham (1846–1912).

Padmasambhava’s textual content is a center textual content of the Nyingma culture since it presents the foundation for the approach of 9 cars (three sutra autos and 6 tantra automobiles) that thus turned the authorized method of classifying the various Buddhist paths within the Nyingma tradition.

Mipham’s statement is the only most typically used to give an explanation for Padmasambhava’s educating. Mipham is widely known for his prolific, lucid, and unique writings on many topics, together with technological know-how, medication, and philosophy, as well as Tibetan Buddhist perform and concept.

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And the term tīrthika (Tib. mu stegs pa) is also used generally for the non-Buddhist proponents of eternalism and nihilism. In this text, however, the two terms naiṣṭhika and tīrthika should be taken as general names for the proponents of nihilism and eternalism, respectively. 6 Now with regard to all these, an analogy can be made with a precious jewel placed at a crossroads. Some people will not see it at all, some will see it as a semiprecious stone, some will see it as any common precious thing, and others will see it as it is.

But they differ from them in that they have partially realized the absence of self in phenomena related to the aggregate of form. And unlike the listeners, when they attain the result (enlightenment as solitary realizers), they do so without relying on a spiritual teacher. It is, rather, by the force of previous habituation that they realize the profound ultimate nature of phenomena in terms of the twelve links of dependent arising and subsequently attain the result: the solitary realizers’ enlightenment.

If you encounter difficulty displaying these characters, please set your e-reader device to publisher defaults (if available) or to an alternate font. Topical Outline of A Treasury of Gems I. Introduction A. Explanation of the title B. Expression of veneration II. The main body of the text A. Explanation of the different views 1. Explanation of non-Buddhists’ views a. Brief introduction b. Detailed explanation i. Explanation of the unreflective and the materialists ii. Explanation of the nihilistic extremists and eternalistic extremists 2.

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