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We are not to far from the point when the mind of the scientist meets the heart of the mystic. In a moment of enlightenment, the two will embrace in an act of love and blend their insights equally. The ancient shamans and mystics would have smiled at you with a twinkle in their eyes and gently say they've known it all along. Planet Earth is just a tiny spec in the Milky Way galaxy, which in turn is a mere spec in the universe. A spec within a spec. This is where we live. And yet, at this very moment, we and our galaxy of more than a billion stars are being pulled through space at the speed of a million miles an hour by some gigantic unseen force.

Just as God had intended. Each individual spirit in our group of souls was neither male nor female, but an androgynous Being of Light that contained both polarities of masculine/feminine consciousness within the same ethereal essence. a complete, Love-centered, untainted, miniature replica of Father/Mother with unlimited creative potential, and the free will to do so. We continued to roam and explore the physical universe. As we did, we co-created experiences with ourselves and with Spirit. At the same time, our feelings were joyfully shared with our beloved Source.

Think about it. If that precious, tiny particle was to flow from just one Source, would it not contain its entire Source, and be part of that from which it came? Where else could it come from? At that moment all there was … was All That Is. It would seem that such a particle, in some special way, also had to have an awareness of itself, a sense of its own existence. If it was going to be an extension of the divine mind, would it not have some consciousness of its own? Would it not contain a part of the Original Consciousness from which it came, and always be aware of its eternal oneness with its Source?

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