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The 10th Karmapa (1604–1674) lived via dramatic adjustments in Tibet, together with the increase to political supremacy of the 5th Dalai Lama and the Gelug sect following a Mongol invasion. considered as a amazing bodhisattva and artist, the Karmapa has principally escaped the shut awareness of contemporary students. during this booklet, Shamar Rinpoche, the Fourteenth Shamarpa, introduces the 10th Karmapa via his translations of the Karmapa’s autobiographical writings and an eighteenth century biography of him. As an instantaneous lineage-descendant from the 6th Shamarpa—the Karmapa’s guru—the Shamar Rinpoche stocks his specified wisdom and adventure via wide annotations and a old review of Tibet from the 13th via 17th century. The textual content of A Golden Swan in Turbulent Waters: The existence and occasions of the 10th Karmapa Choying Dorje is complemented by way of maps and colour illustrations depicting locations the place the Karmapa lived and his prolific inventive paintings, with a few item photographs being released for the 1st time.

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They accused the government of oppression and the Karma Kagyu of conspiring to take over their monasteries. They spread false charges of injustice and persecution. And to gain the sympathy and loyalty of their Mongolian supporters, they vociferously complained about the injustice of their plight. Where there was no conflict, those Gelug administrators would create one. Where there was a conflict, they would exacerbate it and spin it to 31 SH(TIB): Volume 1, 392 24 THE ALLIANCE OF KYISHO DEPA AND GELUG ADMINISTRATORS their advantage.

However, some of the Dalai Lama's attendants and the Gaden Phobrang intervened to prevent such a meeting. 21 Shakabpa describes the situation as follows: 22 He (the Fourth Dalai Lama) arrived at Gongkar. At that time, the Sixth Shamar, Chokyi Wangchuk, was in the same area ofDensa Thil. If only these two could have met, it would have proved beneficial to every aspect of life and society in Tibet. Moreover, both were willing to meet. The attendants of the (Fourth) Dalai Lama brought up an event from an earlier time- how they (the Ninth Karmapa, his administration and the Fifth Shamarpa) did not show proper courtesy (to the Third Dalai Lama).

Everybody knows we are the ones who invited the Khan to make this war. We shall feel the consequences after the Mongolians leave. 47 DL: Volume 1, 203 48 DL: Volume 1, 204 42 THE MONGOL INVASION. 1639-1642 "The decision I made when Gushri Khan arrived in Tsang is final - I will not make a two-step. 49 And it is the same decision now. "The war has started already. So now we must go ahead with it. " I started to do the black magic of the wrathful Yamantaka. 50 Gushri Khan and the Tsang Desi fought a very bloody war lasting about one year.

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