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Within the complete of the Tibetan Buddhist culture, there is not any unmarried treatise extra deeply respected or generally practiced than A consultant to the Bodhisattva means of Life. Composed within the 8th century by means of the Indian Bodhisattva Santideva, it turned an quick vintage within the curricula of the Buddhist monastic universities of India, and its renown has grown ever considering. Santideva provides the way to harmonize one's lifestyles with the Bodhisattva excellent and conjures up the reader to domesticate the perfections of the Bodhisattva: generosity, ethics, persistence, zeal, meditative focus, and knowledge.

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Today I invite the world to Sugatahood and temporal happi­ ness. May the gods, asuras, and others rejoice in the presence of all the Protectors! 63. " Chapter IV A ttending to the Spirit of A w akening64 1. Thus, upon firmly adopting the Spirit of Awakening, a Child of the Jinas should always vigilantly strive not to neglect his training. 2. Although one has made a commitment, it is appropriate [to re­ consider] whether or not to do that which has been rashly un­ dertaken and which has not been well considered.

G U A R D IN G INTR OSPEC TION 53 48. When one sees one's own mind to be attached or repulsed, then one should neither act nor speak, but remain still like a piece of wood. 49. When my mind is haughty,102sarcastic, full of conceit and arro­ gance, ridiculing, evasive, and deceitful, 50. When it is inclined to boast, or when it is contemptuous of oth­ ers, abusive, and irritable, then I should remain still like a piece of wood. 51. When my mind seeks material gain, honor, and fame, or when it seeks attendants and service, then I will remain still like a piece of wood.

76. " 77. " 44 A GU ID E TO THE BODHISATTVA WAY OF LIFE 42. Without knowing my own limitations, I spoke at that time as if I were a bit insane. 78 43. 79 44. 80 45. Even if exiled, an enemy may acquire a residence and followers in another country whence he returns with his full strength. 81 46. Once the affliction that dwells in my mind has been expelled, where would it go, and where would it rest and attempt to de­ stroy me? Feeble in spirit, I am lacking in perseverance. 82 47. Mental afflictions do not exist in sense objects, nor in the sense faculties, nor in the space between, nor anywhere else.

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