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By Je Tsongkhapa, Thupten Jinpa Ph.D. Ph.D., Kilty Galvin

Tsongkhapa's A Lamp to light up the 5 Stages (1419) is a entire presentation of the top yoga classification of Buddhist tantra, in particular the main practices - the so-called 5 levels (pancakrama) - of the complicated part of Guhyasamaja tantra. starting with a radical exam of the Indian resources, Tsongkhapa attracts really from the writings of Nagarjuna, Aryadeva, Candrakirti, and Naropa to enhance a definitive knowing of the Vajrayana finishing touch level. while within the new release degree, meditators visualize the Buddha within the kind of the deity living in a mandala palace, within the crowning glory degree mentioned within the current quantity, meditators go beyond usual realization and actualize the country of a buddha themselves. between different issues, Tsongkhapa's paintings covers the sophisticated human body structure of channels and winds in addition to the method of demise, the bardo, and rebirth. This definitive assertion on Guhyasamaja tantra profoundly affected the process Buddhist perform in Tibet.

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The “illusory” body. To whom? To “the world,” meaning to his disciples. Taught by whom? “I”, the Teacher. How was it taught? By the methods of accomplishing the illusory body through the stages of the four empty states, consisting of “clear light” and the preceding three. By what will it be accomplished? By knowing well the “divisions,” or features, “of various rituals” taught in these tantras. This can be explained in more detail. A tantra that primarily teaches the following processes is designated a father yoga tantra: The winds gradually withdraw into the heart, which is the location for the arising o f the clear light.

In the time that I have spent work­ ing on this translation, my life has been enormously enriched by its wealth of wisdom and knowledge. I feel privileged that I was asked to translate this great work and can only hope that my efforts have done it credit. For resolving queries relating to the actual text, I turned to two friends 16 A Lam p to Illum inate the Five Stages who were classmates of mine during my fruitful time as a student at the Insti­ tute of Buddhist Dialectics, Dharamsala, India.

Sambhogakaya ablaze with the glory of the wondrous marks and features, unceasingly enjoying the one-taste union of bliss and emptiness, with nonapprehending compassion that leaves behind the extremity of peace, I prostrate to the great conqueror possessed of the seven features. To the compiler Vajrapani, who gathered together the secret teachings, to Indrabhuti, NagadakinI, Vilukalpa, glorious Saraha, Vajra Nagarjuna, Aryadeva, Nagabodhi, Sakyamitra, Matahgi, Candrakirti, and to others of the guru lineage who attained the supreme stage by the path o f Guhyasamaja, the king o f tantras, I prostrate with great joy.

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