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Man «homo (L). Man homo, -eo, -io (G). Like, resembling, alike hopl, -i, -o, «um (G). Armor, weapons hople (G). A hoof hoplist (G). Armed hoplit (G). Heavily armed hoplo, hoplum (G). Armor, weapons horde, «um (L). Barley horiz (G). Horizon; bound hormi (G). Start, onset hormo (G). A chain hormon (G). Excite horo (G). A limit, boundary; season, hour, time horre, -n, -s (L). Dreadful; bristle, stand on end, tremble horre, «um (L). A storehouse horri (L). Terror; to bristle horrib (L). Terrible, fearful horrid (L).

Naked, bare gyn, -a, -e, -eco, -o (G). A woman, female gyp, «s (G). A vulture gyps, -o (G). Chalk gyr, -a, -o (L). Round; turning; a circle gyrin, -o, «us (G). A tadpole Ή haben, «a (L). A thong, rein habit (L). Live, dwell; fleshy •habitus (L). The external aspect habr, -o (G). Dainty, delicate, pretty hadr, -o (G). Thick, stout hadryn (G). Ripen haed, *us (L). A young goat haem, «a, -ato, -o (G). Blood haer, -esi (G). Take hagi, -o (G). Sacred hal, -a, -e, -it (L). Breathe, breathing •halcyon (G).

A crow, raven cory, -d, « s (G). A helmet coryc, -o, «us (G). A sack coryd, -o, «us (G). The crested lark corydal, «is, «us (G). A lark; larkspur coryl, «us (L). The hazel tree corymb, «us (G). The top, summit a cluster of flowers coryn, «a, -et (G). A club and Combining Forms 29 coryph, =a (G). The head, top ere, =as, -at, -o (G). Flesh, meat =corys (G). A helmet crebr (L). Frequent, close coryst, =es (G). A warrior crecisc (L). A rail-like bird coryz, =a (G). A running at the nose crem, -a (L).

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