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By Max Lucado

Low on Love? discovering it not easy to like? an individual on your global is difficult to forgive? Is persistence an endangered species? Kindness a forgotten advantage? if that is so, you have got forgotten a step -- a vital first step. dwelling enjoyed. God loves you. for my part. Powerfully. Passionately. Others have promised and failed. yet God has promised and succeeded. He loves you with an unfailing love. And his love -- in case you permit it -- can fill you and depart you with a love worthy giving.

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They started out taunting and teasing Joseph. Harmless sibling rivalry. But then the flicker became a flame. “His brothers were jealous of him” (Gen. 37:11 NIV). Soon it was easier to dump Joseph into a pit than see him at the dinner table. Before long, Joseph was in Egypt, the brothers were in cahoots, and Jacob, the father, was in the dark. He thought his boy was dead. All because of envy. And what about the Pharisees? Were they evil men? Criminals? Thugs? Inflamed 37 No, they were the pastors and teachers of their day.

Before Wiesel can ask a question, however, Mauriac, a staunch Roman Catholic, begins to speak about his favorite subject: Jesus. Wiesel grows uneasy. The name of Jesus is a pressed thumb on his infected wounds. L ov e ’s Fl a g s h i p 19 Wiesel tries to reroute the conversation but can’t. It is as though everything in creation leads back to Jesus. Jerusalem? Jerusalem is where Jesus ministered. The Old Testament? Because of Jesus, the Old is now enriched by the New. Mauriac turns every topic toward the Messiah.

48 A L o v e Wo r t h G i v i n g Fresh out of college and ready to change the world. Ready to preach, ready to travel, ready to make history. But I wasn’t ready to help Harold. The director of our internship program had other plans. One day he told me he had a special assignment. I assumed he meant a promotion. I never thought he meant Harold. Harold loved Bible classes and worship services. My job was to help him attend both. To pick him up, to clean him up. To wheel him in, sit next to him, and take him home.

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