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Nazism and Judaism are two serpents that are involved in a life and death struggle, each serpent endeavoring to devour the other serpent . The nazis have the mortal dread that Judaism will swallow the serpent nazism, and the Jews will swallow the Aryans . Nazism starts out with this postulate : a world philosophy roots deep in the blood of the race or of the people . Nazism is the world philosophy which roots deep in the blood of the Aryans, Judaism is the highest world philosophy which roots deep in the blood of the Jewish people .

In the event of a national emergency or war-which is bound to come in the near future-it is inevitable that Roosevelt, or whoever may be then President, will assume dictatorial power, and he will become a dictator like Stalin or Hitler . This is inevitable . What are the Jews to do, fight against this inevitability? This will be suicide . The only course that Jews in this country can rationally follow is to recognize this inevitability and accept it . For instance, it is likely that President Roosevelt will be required by the Democratic Party to serve a third term .

Balaam intended that the nations should endeavor to acquire the merits and virtues of the Jews, in order to be able to destroy the Jews ; but this very purpose turned into a blessing. By endeavoring to acquire the merits and virtues of the Jews, the nations would become Jews . And so, instead of destroying the Jews, the nations would themselves become Jews and join the Jews . Thus Jehovah defeated the purpose of Balaam . History repeats itself . Since . the days of Balaam, Hitler is the first great anti-Semite that adopted Balaam's method .

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