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By Mac Dixon-Fyle

By way of analyzing the historical past of the Potts-Johnsons (an immigrant Saro (emigrant Krio humans) kinfolk from Sierra Leone) dwelling within the Port Harcourt sector of Nigeria from approximately 1912-1984, this learn experiences the migration heritage of the Saro within the Niger River delta. The paintings additionally touches on many very important matters to think about whilst learning African historical past: intra-African migration, prestige of and dominance through elites (both indigenous and immigrant), women's roles in social relationships, and the protection of family members and cultural values less than severe socio-economic tension.

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Members of the Saro elite were much-sought after as patrons of the ambitious. This is also a social history of a people away from hometheir dreams, aspirations, travails, and diverse vicissitudes of fortune. We survey the challenges of efforts at cultural retention, reinforced through periodic travel, by the well-to-do, to nodal centres such as Freetown, Lagos, and Calabar. For the vast majority, the pursuit of Kriodom would, of necessity, reside exclusively in a linguistic attachment to Krio, and an unwavering involvement with Krio values, mores, observances and institutions, mostly acquired by secondary transmission.

I am extremely grateful to these pioneers for the many hours they devoted to my typescript. But for their guidance, I would have erred in many more areas, and overlooked many a promising field of exploration. In the production process, I have received generous assistance from Toyin Falola and from Sean Culhane, Louise Goldberg, and Jane Toettcher of the University of Rochester Press, for which I am very thankful. My gra- Page xiii titude also goes to that anonymous reader of the manuscript for the very detailed and incisive comments which ultimately shaped the final product, and proved invaluable in the revision process.

Cummings, among others, would initiate the debate on elective representation which Dr. H. C. 3 Britain and Nigeria The British occupation of Nigeria has to be seen within the context of the abolition of slavery, the European scramble for Africa, and the securing of Page 11 trading and other economic interests in the area. By 1861, Britain had declared a colony in Lagos, and she proceeded thereafter, by force of arms to subjugate the Yoruba peoples of the surrounding hinterland. By 1885, she had imposed claims of protection on the "Oil Rivers" further to the south-east, an area of great potential for trade, but with African leaders such as Jaja of Opobo, who jealously guarded local sovereignty, and profits.

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