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By Catharina Williams-van Klinken, John Hajek, Rachel Nordlinger

Booklet is written for English audio system studying the grammar and different language utilization ideas of Tetun Dili, one of many forms of Tetun, the nationwide language of East Timor.

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Selkirk, E. 1986. On derived domains in sentence phonology. Phonology Yearbook 3: 371–405. Selkirk, E. 1995. Sentence prosody: Intonation, stress, and phrasing. In The Handbook of Phonological Theory, J. A. Goldsmith (ed), 550–569. Oxford: Blackwell. Sperber, D. and Wilson, D. 1986/1995. Relevance: Communication and Cognition. Oxford: Blackwell. Taglicht, J. 1984. Message and Emphasis: On Focus and Scope in English. London: Longman. Taglicht, J. 1998. Constraints on intonational phrasing in English.

Clausal form and lack of syntactic attachment as two necessary features, and positional flexibility as an additional feature of core members of the class. These criteria allow for the delimitation of parenthetical clauses from related categories, such as interrogative tags, discourse markers, anacolutha, and provide for a clear internal structure of the class in the form of a taxonomy of subtypes. 1. Introduction The term parenthetical, though widely used in linguistics, often lacks a clear definition and shows surprising variation in the number of forms it is taken to subsume.

Parenthesis … expresses a secondary communication... and a commentary”. , those “identified as independent syntactic constituents or, more generally as independent syntactic structures within another syntactic structure” (Espinal 1991: 727). ). The following five subtypes are identified:  Gunther Kaltenböck main clause (I believe), adverbial clause introduced by as (as you know), nominal relative clause (What’s more), to-infinitive clause (to be honest), -ing clause (speaking as a layman). To this list -ed clauses (Stated bluntly) are added by Leech and Svartvik (1975: 216–217), who also give a brief functional description of comment clauses:1 they “are so called because they do not so much add to the information in a sentence as comment on its truth, the manner of saying it or the attitude of the speaker” (op.

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