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Bolton Analysis 6. Mixed Dentition Space Analysis 7. dual cells (hypertrophy) Increase in amount of non-cel lu lar material (accretion) Development: increase in complexity -(~]~IJI.. \~-. ~'"lfN<; ~~JAu~ - ~ r~~c,lt,~ I. Wt{ ~~ ~ In Utero Growth and Development Embryonic Period i. First 8 weeks following fertilization and implantation 1. Extremely susceptible to environmental insults a. Fetal alcohol syndrome b. , rubella, cytomegalic virus c. Radiation d. > ii. Characterized by rapid change from simple cell multiplication to hLtman form iii.

Immature roots and adolescent growth (that produces submerging teeth) reduce chances for long-term survival of replanted teeth. Fully-grown youths and adults have the best prognosis for survival of replanted teeth. The Toronto Dental Trauma Research Group The Hospital for Sick Children & Bloorview MacMillan Children's Centre, Toronto, Canada 2005©. May be reproduced for patients/clinicians. 68 Decision Tree for an Avulsed Tooth Is it a permanent rooth? I . )ill~ Was it replanted immediately (ideally within 5 minutes) at the scene?

Median nasal processes ii. Lateral nasal processes b. Paired maxillary c. Paired mandibular 71 1v. Clinical relevancy 1. Branchial malformations First branchial arch anomalies represenr 1% of all branchial anomalies. Patients with first branchial arch anomalies may present with unilateral facial paralysis. First branchial arch anomalies may be associated with hemifacial microsomia. Second arch anomalies are the most common and represenr 9095% of branchial anomalies. Type I anomalies are located along the anterior margin of sternocleidomastoid muscle at the junction of the middle and lower thirds, deep to the platysma and cervical fascia.

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