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By Vasubandhu ; L. De LA Vallee Poussin, Leo Pruden

This can be crucial compendium of Indian Buddhist philosophy and psychology. The 4 quantity (app. 1600 pp.) clothbound masterwork starts with a background of abhidharma literature and covers an enormous array of matters from a Buddhist standpoint. a few of these matters are Buddhist cosmology and the method of rebirth, karma and the Buddhist moral thought, psychological defilements, factors of affliction and the trail to enlightenment, the supernatural powers of a Buddha, a taxonomy of meditative states and a refutation of the lifestyles of soul. "... one of many landmark achievements within the historical past of Buddhist experiences. hugely steered for all educational libraries..."--Choice a range of selection impressive Books and Nonprint fabrics (OABN). Contents Translator's Preface The Abhidharma--Leo M. Pruden Abhidharmakosabhasyam--L. Poussin The Dhatus The Indriyas the realm Karma The Latent Defilements the trail and the Saints The Knowledges The Absorptions Refutation of the Pudgala Footnotes Index

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657-660 (in 20 chiian) by Hsiian-tsang lii The Abhidharma 4a Mahd-Vibhasd by Vasumitra and the 500 arhats, compiled 400 years after the Parinirvana of the Buddha, trans. 656-659 (in 200 chilan) by Hsiian-tsang 4b Vibhdsd by Katyayaniputra trans. 437-439 (in 14 chiian) by Buddhavarman 19. ) and its commentaries (vibhdsd) were termed simply "The Commentary," or Vibhdsd. Since these works exist in two Chinese translations, the commentary from Kasmir is termed the Mahdvibhdsd (The Great Commentary, T.

2c. Prakarana-pdda, by Vasumitra, composed some three hundred years after the death of the Buddha. This work, which closely resembles the Pali Vibhangaprakarana, exists in two Chinese translations, T. vol. 26, no. 1541 and no. 1542. 2d Prajnapti-fdstra, composed by Maudgalyayana. This work exists in one late, incomplete Chinese translation (T vol. 26, no. 1538), and in a Tibetan translation. According to Sakurabe, the bulk of Sarvastivadin Abhidharma literature is divided into three major periods: 1.

It is an incomplete text: in the sixth chapter, kdrikds nos. 53 to 68 are missing. Nevertheless, the manuscript has some 600 kdrikds, plus 13 from the last chapter. V.

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