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Super Resolution Imaging

With the exponential elevate in computing strength and vast proliferation of electronic cameras, super-resolution imaging is poised to develop into the subsequent "killer app. " The turning out to be curiosity during this expertise has manifested itself in an explosion of literature at the topic. Super-Resolution Imagingconsolidates key contemporary examine contributions from eminent students and practitioners during this region and serves as a kick off point for exploration into the state-of-the-art within the box.

Representing India: Ethnic Diversity and the Governance of Public Institutions (Ethnicity, Inequality and Public Sector Governance)

It is a learn of ways ethnic variety is represented in public associations in India, and of the politics and coverage strategies devised to control ethnic inequalities. With new info on representational styles in parliament and cupboard, it presents an account of illustration that encompasses the range of caste, tribe and faith.

iGuide: ICTD Resources in Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Bay Area (GAID Series)

The iGUIDE is the first-ever entire source listing of neighborhood info and conversation applied sciences and improvement (ICTD) tasks. Its easy-to-use listings of important information regarding ICTD enterprises and ICTD founders will function a necessary source for ICTD practitioners, not just in Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Bay zone, but in addition the world over.

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