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Repeat, alternating these accompaniments several times, in 8-measure cycles, for example, adding signal to stop. The Dunun - Work gradually in the same way as for the djembe,but this time one instrumentplays after the other, starting with the first dunun,then the second alone, then with the bell, and finally the dununba alone and then with its bell. To start each combination correctly, sing the djembe starting signal. Only when these stages are accomplished and when each percussionist is perfectly at easewith all of the rhythmic formulas can the group work start.

9 , n Africa, it is customary for a percussionist to result. You don't get a good soundthe first time you change the skin of his drum himself, just as a play your drum. Likewise, the first djembe you guitarist changesthe stringsof his or her guitar. The redo won't be your best. operation is in fact long and difficult. The through repeated experience, will facilitate your task will seemeasier. work, and you will learn other little tricks as you go And it is so satisfying to play an instrument along.

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