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By William Fulton

This publication introduces the real principles of algebraic topology via emphasizing the relation of those rules with different components of arithmetic. instead of deciding on one viewpoint of contemporary topology (homotropy thought, axiomatic homology, or differential topology, say) the writer concentrates on concrete difficulties in areas with a couple of dimensions, introducing in basic terms as a lot algebraic equipment as worthy for the issues encountered. This makes it attainable to determine a greater diversity of vital good points within the topic than is usual in introductory texts; it's also in concord with the ancient improvement of the topic. The ebook is aimed toward scholars who don't inevitably intend on focusing on algebraic topology.

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5/ Let B X be closed. Then fg 2 G j gB D Bg is closed. Proof. (1) The isotropy group Gx is the pre-image of x under the continuous map G ! X, g 7! gx. (2) The set X g D fx 2 X j gx D xg T is the pre-image of the diagonal under X ! X X , x 7! x; gx/, and X H D g2H X g . (3) Let C A=G be open with respect to the quotient map A ! A=G. C / A X . C / D A \ U with an open subset U have A \ U D A \ GU , since A is G-stable. GU /. GU / is open, hence C is open in the subspace topology. By continuity of A=G !

Y Z is essentially the same thing as a pair of maps X ! Y , X ! Z. Y Z/X ! Y X Z X . Let X be a Hausdorff space. Then the tautological map is a homeomorphism. 9. Let X and Y be locally compact. Then composition of maps Z Y Y X ! g; f / 7! g ı f is continuous. 10. X; A/ a pair of spaces and p W X ! X=A the quotient map. The space X=A is pointed with base point fAg. X; Y / of the maps which send A to the base point. X=A; Y / ! 5. The Fundamental Groupoid 41 ŒX=A; Y 0 ! Y; /. If p has compact pre-images of compact sets, then is a homeomorphism.

X/ is a contraction of the space X . 4 Categories of homotopies. X; Y /. The objects are the continuous maps f W X ! Y . A morphism from f to g is a homotopy H W X Œ0; a ! Y with H0 D f and Ha D g. 1). Þ As in any category we also have the Hom-functors in h-TOP. Given f W X ! Y , we use the notation f W ŒZ; X  ! ŒZ; Y ; g 7! fg; f W ŒY; Z ! ŒX; Z; h 7! 1. The Notion of Homotopy 29 for the induced maps2 . The reader should recall a little reasoning with Homfunctors, as follows. , an isomorphism in h-TOP if and only if f is always bijective; similarly for f .

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