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By S. Jackowski, B. Oliver, K. Pawaloski

As a part of the clinical task in reference to the seventieth birthday of the Adam Mickiewicz college in Poznan, a world convention on algebraic topology used to be held. within the ensuing complaints quantity, the emphasis is on enormous survey papers, a few awarded on the convention, a few written to that end.

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The thesis was carried out. under supervision of Prof. Barratt. I wish to thank Prof. Barratt for his help during many ylmrs. I wish to thank Prof, Mahowald far nlany discussions concerning this study, and for presenting me with [CDGM}. I wish to thank Prof. B. Gray for presenting me with his unpublished work [Grl]'and discussing it with me, and Prof. H. Marcum for" disciJ~¢ing with me his work [Marl] and [MarS]. I wish to thank Bob Oliver for suggestions concerning the i~rese|it~tlori of the paper.

A. Ranicki: The algebraic theory of finiteness obstruction, Math. Scand. 57 (1985), 105-126. 46. C. D. thesis, Princeton 1965. 47. M. Steinberger: The equivariant topological s-cobordism theorem, lhvent. Math. 91 (1988), 61-104. 48. M. E. West: Equivariant h-cobordisms and finiteness obstructions, Bull. Amer. Math. Soc. 12 (1985), 217-220. 49. M. E. West: On the geometric topology of locally linear actions of finite groups, Geometric and Algebraic Topology, pp. 181-204, Banach Center Publ. 18, Warsaw 1986.

In the connected cttse the disjoint union becomes a bouquet, ~SS-s|mplicial complexes i~ is easy to observe that every simplicial complex is a particular case of a C W complex in which the attaching map carries every sphere in the domain homeomorphically onto the boundary of an n simplex in B , - I . C S 4 - E x a m p l e s o f conic ( n o n C W ) spaces The fact that every C W and simplieial presentations are also cc~lic presentations, supplies ma1~y examples of conic presentations. The following are three examples of conic (non CI~") presentations.

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