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By Gena Showalter

She won't leisure till she's despatched each jogging corpse again to its grave. Forever.

Had a person informed Alice Bell that her whole existence could switch direction among one heartbeat and the subsequent, she could have laughed. yet that's all it took. One heartbeat. A blink, a breath, a moment, and every little thing she knew and enjoyed was once gone.

Her father used to be correct. The monsters are real.

To avenge her kin, Ali needs to discover ways to struggle the undead. to outlive, she needs to discover ways to belief the baddest of the undesirable boys, Cole Holland. yet Cole has secrets and techniques of his personal, and if Ali isn't cautious, these secrets and techniques could simply end up to be extra risky than the zombies.

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Starling was handsome, or at least he could have been if he hadn’t let himself go. His hair was thick, his shoulders broad, and his jaw square, but his waistline had expanded and his eyes were bloodshot either from lack of sleep or from too many long nights at a local pub. Giru Ba, on the other hand, was tall and elegant, with skin the color of sea foam, enormous eyes, and what looked like a curved beak in place of lips. ” Starling asked, raising a single eyebrow. ” Giru Ba stood placidly behind him, her eyes unblinking.

Indd 38 1/14/13 4:14 PM :: Chapter 7 :: A s Colt left the lab, he wondered if Dr. Roth had already filed his report and how long it would take before a team of Black Ops agents threw a bag over his head and stuffed him in the back of a van where they would whisk him away to a secret facility and experiment on him until they found a way to re-create his new armored skin. He thought about what kind of gas they would use to knock him out, since they couldn’t exactly hit him with a dart; how long it would last; and whether or not he would be strong enough to break the bindings that would no doubt be wrapped around his wrists and ankles.

No,” she said, shaking her head. “That thing came out of nowhere. ” She covered her eyes as they misted over. indd 28 1/14/13 4:14 PM Domination down her cheek. “I was scared that he was going to go out and do something stupid to prove that he isn’t like his dad. I mean, I’d hold my breath every time one of the rescue teams found a body, because I thought it was going to be him—and then he just shows up and tells us that he’s been here all the time? ” Colt sat there, not sure what to say or if he should say anything at all.

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