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In its present form, the ter m is a combinatio n of a conjunctiv e waw wit h th e construc t form o f th e mem-preformative nou n masos, which means 'exultation' or 'rejoicing' . Unfortunately, a nou n makes little sense in th e present context in tha t the following clause , 'et-i^sin uben-^malydhu, 'Rezi n and th e so n of Remaliah', begins with th e direct object particl e 'et-, whic h normally requires a n anteceden t verb . Th e fac t tha t masos appears i n it s construct for m onl y complicates the issue, since a genitive noun does no t appear afte r um esos.

O n th e othe r hand , the Gree k expression ma y reflec t a n understanding o f um esos as 'deligh t in' o r 'choose ' a s represented b y Targum Jonathan . Unfortunately, th e us e o f th e infinitiv e boulesthai gives n o indicatio n o f th e conjugatio n o f th e verb s i n th e Hebre w Vorlage, bu t th e us e o f m e boulesthai/boulesthai, 'di d no t want / wanted', indicate s th e translator' s attemp t t o associat e ma'as and umesds a s paralle l verba l form s tha t wer e relate d b y assonance .

These expression s o f th e 'D ' for m o f th e moti f therefor e stan d together no t only as a reversal o f the 'B ' form , but also a s a reversa l of th e sinfu l conditio n o f Israe l an d it s politica l an d religious leader ship through which Israel's failure t o hear and see was manifested and encouraged. The *D ' an d th e 'C ' form s of th e motif therefore vie w Israel' s res ponsiveness t o Yahwe h fro m tw o different , bu t largel y complemen tary, perspectives . A s a transformatio n o f th e 'A ' for m wit h it s didactic character , th e passages whic h express th e 'C' for m appropri ately centr e o n th e chang e i n Israel' s attitud e which results fro m th e extremity o f th e judgmen t an d whic h lead s th e peopl e t o tur n t o Yahweh an d t o accept instruction .

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