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By Charles A. Lave

What's a version? How do you build one? What are a few universal versions within the social sciences? How can versions be utilized in new occasions? What makes a version solid? targeting solutions to those and similar questions, this multidisciplinary creation to version development within the social sciences formulates fascinating difficulties that contain scholars in artistic version development and the method of invention. The ebook describes versions of person selection, alternate, variation, and diffusion

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6 THE CASE OF THE SMART WOMEN dataωlIee也d 协恒的 the various ideas of this p町tially 忧ue were of'饵,n casual and nonrigorous. A social scien'创st notiωd that women having a particular reli国008 background tended 旬 dobe忱eraωdemic work at his university 也an women having 0'也er religious backgrounds. Religion Z maintains a priva'饵 eduω创onal The s协ry 协e 侃.. 01 伪e 翩翩rl "'"... 27 sy8tem 也at a'伪end ins'恒ad of public 8cb∞ls. have a 饵rtain amount of religious con'恒叽 are often rela创刊ly 8triCt, and are usually segrega恒d by 8eX.

After a while, women who want male approval learn 切 act dumb so as not 阳 o1fend men. 8ince the Z scb∞,1s are segrega也d bys钮, their women gradua饵8 haven't been condi创oned 旬 be quiet in class and play dumb. er women around they get more ehanee 协 develop their intell创ual potential. Model 3. Is this a g,∞d model? The pro饵8S is eertainly clear, and it for the original observa'悦。,n of disproportiona饵11y smart Z women and average Z men. Can we now make BOme inter四ting predic挝ons? The es棚tial variabl四 in the model 踊em 协 be the degr髓。f contact with men and the values of 他e men contac也d.

Motlel2. You become a professor by learning to be a good problem solver. Good problem solving involves almost singleMotlel 1. r.. "础 lor tIIO创 M嗣同 品1 minded ω,ncentra'创。,n. er. er, but each involv,臼 or relationship. One way 协 be 饵此ain 也at your models involve a 酶n酶。fpro饵倒 is 协 S锦 ifyou 侃n derive general 笛aat is: 由1e grea饵r X is, the g嘟,ter Y will be. e following genera1 busier somωne Is,位1e more Iikely he is 协 ωn饵,ntra幅 on Important things. And Model 2 contains 也is genera1 relationa1 statement: The 协ugher 也e problem and 也e hard町回mω,ne 旭 ωn饵,ntrating on 筒" the more likely he Is 阳 forget 0由er things.

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