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This booklet covers research on fractals, a constructing quarter of arithmetic that makes a speciality of the dynamical features of fractals, corresponding to warmth diffusion on fractals and the vibration of a fabric with fractal constitution. The publication presents a self-contained creation to the topic, ranging from the elemental geometry of self-similar units and occurring to debate contemporary effects, together with the homes of eigenvalues and eigenfunctions of the Laplacians, and the asymptotical behaviors of warmth kernels on self-similar units. Requiring just a uncomplicated wisdom of complex research, common topology and degree concept, this publication could be of worth to graduate scholars and researchers in research and likelihood thought. it's going to even be worthy as a supplementary textual content for graduate classes masking fractals.

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4 was essentially obtained in [76]. 4. 2 The shift space E and the shift map a are important concepts in dynamical systems. For example, they play an essential role in the study of interval maps. See [133] for example. 3 was essentially obtained in [76]. 3 Partly motivated by Kameyama[80], the notion of the self-similar structure was introduced in [83]. 4 Hutchinson has given the definition of self-similar measures in [76]. 5 See Rogers[157] for details on the Hausdorff measures. See also [124] for results from the view point of geometric measure theory.

F. self-similar structure. It gives a sufficient condition for K\VQ to be connected. 9. Let (K,S,{Fi}ies) nite self-similar structure. Assume that, for any p,q G Vb, there exists a homeomorphism g : K —* K such that g(Vo) = Vb and g(p) = q. Then K\Vo is connected. If a connected p. c. f. self-similar structure satisfies the assumption of the above proposition, we say that the self-similar structure is weakly symmetric. To prove the above proposition, we need the following lemmas. 10. 9. Let C be a connected component of K\VQ.

Note that p G Vmfc> sufficiently large m. Hence £ is an inner product on Tv n £(Vm), where £(Vm) is identified with /im(^(Kn))« So there exists 54 Analysis on Limits of Networks m m+1 m m v G Tv Pi £(Vm) such that v™ -> v as n -> oo. As v | y m = v , there 171 exists v G ^(Vi) such that v\ym = v . On the other hand, let C = s u p n > 0 £(vn, vn). Then we have £(v™, vm) < sup n > m £ « \ O = C. Hence t; G > . Now, we fix e > 0. Then, we can choose n so that £(vn — Vk,vn — Vk) < e for all A: > n.

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