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By D. Gary Miller

This learn investigates the homes of numerous historic syllabic and linear segmental scripts to make specific the points of linguistic wisdom they try to characterize. a few fresh experimental paintings means that nonliterate audio system don't have segmental wisdom and that in basic terms syllabic wisdom is 'real' or obtainable, whence the ubiquity of syllabaries. Miller disputes this by means of displaying that such assessments don't distinguish proper varieties of wisdom, and that linguistic research of the ordering and writing conventions of early Western scripts corroborates the proof from language acquisition, use, and alter for section knowledge. through coding segments, the traditional syllabaries represented more phonological wisdom than the alphabet, which used to be a negative compromise among the vowelless West Semitic scripts and the vowel-redundant syllabic scripts.
A wide variety of data approximately early scripts and their improvement is mixed with a brand new idea of the syllable as 'Sonority Phrase'. The book's worth is additional more advantageous by means of thorough dialogue of the problems from a huge variety of theoretical and utilized viewpoints, together with language play and alter, cognition, literacy, and cultural history.

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165). This example is from the epitapb of schoolmaster Onasagoras (lCS 143: Paphos). Though lIuj)ikPaMujlcSc; dip hlheralozphdr is a hapax, it is known from Hesychius, wbo glosses it YPClIlIl ClTolld5cfcncexMC; grammatodid4s1caJos "schoolmaster" and explains it as a Cyprian Word (cf. Masson . ad ICS 143). - 30 ANCIENT SCRIPfS AND PHONOLOGICAL KNOWlEDGE timowanakotose Itimowanaktosl "of Timowanax" [ 150, 405. 1] kasikeneta lkasign�ta/ "sister" in a continuant + stop nasal + stop [not written; cf.

3) and (4) are both onset treatments. It is then clear from these core examples that [ks] is treated as an onset, as the SH predicts. Why then are two different 7 The authority OIl the accentuation is Herodian (Gr. 44. ). On clitics with such words. SCXDJDeIBtein (1973: 176ff) ; Scbrijver (1991 : 95. 1 12. 128. 219) cites the form as tUrI«. see CYPRIAN SYlLABARY 33 graphic representations used? xV and kVsV should be equivalent alternative spellings. but the xV signs are normally reservc;d for word-final position.

What all of this suggests is that the DOtion of weight is subject to parametrization (coda clusters only. certain coda clusters. ). See Stonham ( 1994) for a recent discussion of moraic phonology. 2 One other metrical possibility must be mentioned. A syllable that is heavy (by the defini ­ tion here) can be made light when the metrical conventions permit the segment after the nucleus to be resyUabified as onset to a following V-initial word. as in Homer. where 1I0L l""E1I'E moi innepe (Od. 1) "sing to me" scans.

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