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By Glen Cook

A chain a long way prior to its time, now again in print someone else might have discovered by way of now: while hassle comes knocking, do not open the door. yet there is a for the reason that Garrett's nonetheless within the P.I. company in any case those years-he's now not one to profit his classes. probably that is why he we could himself get roped into being a bodyguard for Kip Prose, an obnoxious child being threatened via creatures that cannot fairly be defined. yet sooner than Kip Prose has an opportunity to give an explanation for what he is performed to get at the hit checklist of a few anonymous nasties, the precocious Prose is kidnapped, and the chase begins...

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I hate it when you talk that ancient wisdom stuff. ” I patted myself down. I was equipped with an arsenal of—mostly—nonlethal tools of mayhem. ” Playmate descended the steps and turned left. I followed, keeping Kip between us. Dean met us at the foot of the steps. ” I asked. ” I said no more. No point letting him know he gave himself away whenever he was sneaking around doing something on the Dead Man’s orders. ” I studied the street as we resumed moving. I saw nothing out of place. Macunado Street is a busy thoroughfare, day or night.

He had a hundred unidentifiable projects going. As soon as we walked in he grabbed a file and went to work on notches in a round metal plate about eight inches in diameter. It took him only a few seconds to become totally focused. ” I asked. Playmate shrugged. “I don’t know. Part of one of his machines. ” Another expressive shrug. Playmate showed me into his forge area, which had expanded considerably since my last visit and which was an amazing clutter of junk and what looked like things half-built.

Because we have an extremely lazy complement of wealthy people in this town. And a lot of unemployed young men who need something to keep them out of trouble. My notion is to build a fleet of those things and rent them out at nominal fees so some of those young men have a way to make a living. ” Having a way to make a living didn’t keep me out of trouble. That was Playmate, though. Finding a way to get rich doing good deeds. Except that then he would end up giving away any wealth he acquired.

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