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By Evandro Agazzi, Javier Echeverra, Amparo Gmez Rodrguez

Epistemology needed to come to phrases with "the social" on diversified events. the 1st used to be represented through the dispute concerning the epistemological prestige of the "social" sciences, and thus the already good confirmed epistemology of the typical sciences appeared to have the fitting to dictate the stipulations for a self-discipline to be a technology. however the social sciences may effectively vindicate the legitimacy in their particular standards for scientificity. extra lately, the impression of social components at the building of our wisdom (including medical wisdom) has reversed, in a undeniable experience, the outdated place and promoted social inquiry to the function of a criterion for comparing the purport of cognitive (including clinical) statements. yet this has undermined the normal features of objectivity and rigor that appear constitutive of technology. in addition, so one can identify the true volume to which social conditionings affect medical wisdom one needs to credits sociology with a valid flooring of reliability, and this isn't attainable and not using a initial "epistemological" review. those are many of the issues mentioned during this ebook, either theoretically and near to concrete instances.

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Revised version of Science in Action: How to Follow Scientists and Engineers through Society. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press. Juan Urrutia Elejalde PUZZLES AND PROBLEMS ABSTRACT. This paper tries to contribute to the elucidation of some intellectual conundrums and policy questions regarding scientific knowledge (SK). As for modelling, I have shown that the Solow model is independent of human agency, has rich and precise policy implications and captures some features of S(SK). As for policy I have obtained three results.

In this extension of the theory of relativity Einstein obviously diverges from Newton. For special relativity it was necessary rather to stress the common inspiration of Newton and Einstein. 38 Hervé Barreau 2. The New Positivism of the Post-Kuhnian History of the Sciences When the historiography of the sciences neglects the hermeneutic task in its double aspect, historic and theoretical, it must examine other aspects of scientific research, which are those which, within a henceforth recognized paradigm, arise from “normal science,” as Kuhn has said, doubtless rightly.

By the very fact that it does not involve the introduction of objects or of additional concepts, the passage from Newtonian to Einstinian mechanics clearly demonstrates that the scientific revolution is a movement of the conceptual network through which men of science see the world. (Kuhn 1983, pp. ” Space-time, invented by Poincaré and described by Minkowski has no corresponding factor in Newtonian mechanics, and its introduction was the revolutionary concept which changed the classic perspectives, as Einstein, who used it, furthermore, to forge general relativity, did not fail to recognize.

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