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By Dietz Otto Edzard

Gudea governed over the Sumerian city-state of Lagas throughout the twenty first century B.C.E., and left a huge wealth of inscriptions touching on his development job and pious donations, displayed on statues, clay cylinders, mace heads, vessels and lots of different items. The primary a part of the publication is Gudea's incription devoted to the development of the Eninnu, the most sanctuary of his city-god Ningirsu. it really is composed of 2 elements, each one displayed on an incredible clay cylinder measuring 60 cm in top and 33 cm in diameter. The composition as an entire has 1366 circumstances or strains, and is likely one of the longest Sumerian literary texts identified at the moment. even though officially a construction inscription, it's even as Sumerian poetic paintings at its most sensible, and likewise a wealthy resource for the research of Sumerian faith. Gudea's inscriptions and people of his predecessors and fans are provided within the Latin transliteration of the unique cuneiform texts, in translation, and they're supplied with introductions, commentaries and explanatory notes, with the quantity as an entire highlighting a century which used to be a part of the so-called Neo-Sumerian interval.

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Unpubl. Unpubl. de Sarzec ll t pi. 38 centre left See Steible pp. 145-46 1 2 3 4 — 5-455 _ _ Object Brick Brick Door socket Clay cone Clay cones Lines preserved _ — 1-12 — Type of inscription Building Building Building Building Building COMMENTARY The inscription is arranged partly in one column, partly in two ( 9 + 3 lines). BIBLIOGRAPHY 1884-1912 de Sarzec, Découvertes II pl. 38 center left (photo) 1907 Thureau-Dangin, SAK p. 62d (edition) 1991 Steible, NSBW 1 pp. 145-47 (edition) TEXT Col. 4 18 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) Col.

4 18 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) Col. MUŠEN-bar6-bar6-ra-ni mu-na-dù ki-bé mu-na-gi4 i 9) made things function as they should, ii 1-3) (and) he built and restored for him his Eninnu, the White Thunderbird. 5 Statue with inscription by Ur-Bau, commemorating building activities (Sammelinschrift). From Girsu; = Steible Urbaba 1. COMMENTARY AO 9, diorite statue, standing, with clasped hands; partly damaged; head missing. Height 68 cm. The inscription is on the back. BIBLIOGRAPHY 1884-1912 de Sarzec, Découvertes II pp.

L^t (photos: front, right and left sides, back) 1 9 8 0 Amiet, Art of the Ancient Near East photo 377 (front) 1987 Colbow, Rundplastik pp. 121-22 (study) 1991 Steible, NSBW 1 pp. 154-56 (edition), 2 pp. 3-5 (commentary) 1994 Steible, MDOG 126 (1994), pp. KI 4) lu é-ninnud 5) nin-gír-su-ka 6) in-dù-a Col. KI-ka-ni 9) mu-na-dù 1-6) Gudea, ruler of Lagaš, who built the Eninnu of Ningirsu. i 1-4) For Ninhursanga, the lady who has grown in one with the City, mother of all the children, his lady, i 5-9) Gudea, ruler of Lagaš, built her House of the City of Girsu.

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