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Z) Here, plot (t, z) joins the points t (i) , z (i) using the default solid linetype. MATLAB opens a figure window in which the picture is displayed. 2 shows the result. You can close a figure window by typing close at the command line. 2. Basic 2D picture produced by plot. » hist(randn(1000,1)) Here, hist is given 1000 points from the normal (0,1) random number generator. 3. You are now ready for more challenging computations. A random Fibonacci sequence {xn} is generated by choosing x1 and x2 and setting Here, the ± indicates that + and — must have equal probability of being chosen.

The Sierpinski gasket [90, Sec. 2] is based on the following process. Given a triangle with vertices Pa, Pb, and Pc, we remove the triangle with vertices at the midpoints of the edges, (Pa + Pb)/2, (Pb + Pc)/2, and (Pc + Pa)/2. 9. Effectively, we have replaced the original triangle with three "subtriangles". We can now apply the middle quarter removal process to each of these subtriangles to generate nine subsubtriangles, and so on. The Sierpinski gasket is the set of all points that are never removed by repeated application of this process.

Arithmetic operator precedence. 2. Elementary and special mathematical functions ( "fun*" indicates that more than one function name begins "fun"). 2cart, sph2cart Trigonometric Inverse trigonometric Hyperbolic Inverse hyperbolic Exponential Rounding Complex Remainder, sign Mathematical Number theoretic Coordinate transforms versions taking arguments in degrees. Of particular note are expml and loglp, which accurately compute ex — 1 and log(l + #), respectively, for \x\

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