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For example, you might choose some dead leaves, photos of a lost friend or relative to symbolise death, and perhaps an egg or a flower-bulb or an acorn to symbolise birth. 41 Workshop Instructions. Follow these instructions carefully, making sure that you do not hurry any of the activities. A RELAXED STATE IS KEY TO THEIR SUCCESS. 1 Light the altar candle and make the following promise: “I am ready to experience death and rebirth in my life” 2 Play THE SIX INITIATIONS CD Track 1 (Disidentification) This will help you to clear yourself of customary identifications with body, feelings and thoughts.

If you have done this workshop with a friend, thank them for their help and support. If you have done the workshop alone, perhaps you can find a friend to talk to soon about your experiences. Closing Thoughts: A comment from a workshop participant: One participant said, “I found the workshop a very warm and deeply moving experience which has helped me to move out of the darkness through sharing our experience and having a safe place to verbalise thoughts, perceptions and feelings together” After a week, write about how the workshop has helped you.

Fold and tear your A4 sheet of paper into ten pieces. Write on each of these ten small pieces of paper the name of a person or animal or thing that you wish to say goodbye to, that you wish to release from your life or consciousness. Perhaps some of these are what you saw in the tunnel of darkness or perhaps they are people or attitudes which still haunt you. One by one, in the order of your choosing, commit each of these pieces of paper to the flame of your altar candle, letting each burn to ashes in the metal bowl, paying your respects and saying farewell as each piece of paper burns.

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