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Most governments will continue to seek greater private participation in the energy sector. Some governments will continue to finance oil and gas investment directly or through their national companies, but they will often have to pay more for their capital than major international companies. Governments everywhere will have to pay attention to how the policy, legal and regulatory framework affects investment risks and how barriers to investment can be lowered. Governments that have promoted competitive energy markets have introduced new investment risks – alongside benefits to consumers.

1 trillion. In many countries, investment in transmission and distribution will need to be even greater than that in power generation, in contrast to past patterns. 7 million kilometres worldwide. 8 trillion in distribution networks. Some 60% of electricity sector investment needs to arise outside the OECD. Asia will account for 36% of global electricity investment, more than half of which will be in China. OECD North America has the second-largest investment requirements, followed by OECD Europe.

In all cases, energy taxes are assumed to remain unchanged. 56 World Energy Investment Outlook 2003 057/Chapter 3 24/10/03 8:20 Page 57 CHAPTER 3: FINANCING GLOBAL ENERGY INVESTMENT HIGHLIGHTS • Global financial resources are ample to cover energy investments of more than $16 trillion over the next thirty years. But conditions in the energy sector have to be right to capture the required share of that finance in a competitive market for capital. • Ease of access to capital will vary among countries, energy sub-sectors and types of investment.

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